Hummingbird: A Horror Story by David A. Volpe

Hummingbird by David A. Volpe

Ding! Text message: “Hey, honey. Remember, Room 107 at 7 pm. Dinner is at 8. Love you <3”

“Can’t wait. I love you too,” he responds without hesitation. He arrives home just as the sun sets in his rearview.

“Wearing your favorite dress ;)” he reads, as he tightens the Windsor knot to his collar.

“Wearing your favorite suit” he replies.

Glancing up at himself in the mirror, he smiles. A slideshow of flashbacks to their first date, first dance, and their first kiss play in his brain. He breathes in, then exhales much like if he were calming himself just before giving a speech in front of a thousand anxious attendees.

The GPS says aloud, “Arrived.” He reaches into his pocket, revealing a black velvet box containing a shimmering diamond mounted to a beautiful golden ring. The pace in his step quickens as he strolls down the hallway in excitement.

“107” reads the door. He enters, holding a dozen yellow roses; they’re her favorite. The lights are dim and the room is vacant. He peruses the space for a moment finding a note with red lipstick kissed onto the front. He flips it over, “Freshening up… Have a glass of wine.” As instructed, he kicks off his shoes, removes his jacket, sits down, and sips the wine placed adjacent to the note.

Ding! Text Message: “Get my note? ”

He grins, “I did. Come out here in under a minute and I’ll do my signature strip tease.”

“You haven’t done that for me in years…”

Amused, he responds, “You mean last month for our anniversary…and you say my memory is bad!”

“The last time was the night we met. Remember? You said you liked my hummingbird tattoo as we lay there in bed for those final fleeting moments together…”

His heart drops. Terror engulfs his body. Chills run down his spine and goose bumps cover his arms. The wine slips through his fingers and splashes onto the white carpet. He leaps to his feet only to fall back down. His body felt like a ton of bricks and his eyesight began to blur– fading, fading…black.

His vision refocuses. Only to find himself gagged and tied to a chair facing his bleeding dearest, bound in the same fashion. Her neck had been slashed seconds before regaining his wits. He panics and struggles unsuccessfully trying to reach her, as he peers into the eyes of his dying beloved who stares back hopelessly in horror. Just as the life drains from her body completely– he feels the icy touch of sharpened steel held from behind press against his throat. His gaze whispers, “I love you” as hers’ reciprocates the same. He looks down at the hand gripping the blade…a hummingbird tattoo.

“If I can’t have you… no one can”  the haunting, familiar voice says silently as the knife drags deep and slow across his neck.


A couple plans a romantic weekend getaway, agreeing to meet at the hotel because of their conflicting work schedules. He nervously prepares for the night he intends on proposing to the love of his life. A psychotic ex-lover who has been stalking the couple for years returns for her revenge after the failed repair of her broken heart. 




© 2017 David A. Volpe

1 thought on “Hummingbird: A Horror Story by David A. Volpe

  1. Well that went left REAL QUICK! This was a nice emotional roller coaster. One second your heart flutters with anticipation and the next, the hopeless romantic in you is turned upside down. Not too far fetched as everything unfolds.


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