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Melodies of Midnight: 34 Dark Tales     Click here to own a copy!

Description: Shhh, can you hear that? The creaking floorboards, the gentle tapping on your window, the breathing of someone behind you as they creep closer…Those things that move in the night and make you fear the dark…are the Melodies of Midnight. 34 short, sweet, dark tales rest between the covers of this book. Walk side by side with the characters as they experience depression, regret, guilt, anger, jealousy, murder, fear, and everything in between. Go, step into the darkness but before you do, remember one thing…nothing is ever as it seems.





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Are you ready to shape your reality and fully embrace the lifestyle of your dreams?

As you read this, do you feel a tingle of possibilities resonating deep within you?

Just a Thought is a guide to your inner dreams, and you have found this book at the moment you needed it most; in fact, you have been led to it for good reason.

You are a universe of possibilities, and the time has come to unlock them, simply by thinking and manifesting your heart’s deepest desire.

The choice is yours: to continue on your current path—or to expand your consciousness and evolve into the life you deserve, achieving your full potential of success and happiness.

What’s in it for you? Nothing, other than what you choose to take away. The thoughts that occur in your mind indeed will not only impact your life but shape the very reality of it. Your mindset alone will either create or diminish your potential to design the life of your dreams. This book is divided into 5 sections: Succeed, Transform, Mindful Happiness, Connect, and Live. Within them, you will find exactly what you need, whatever it may be. Your journey begins with Just a Thought


By the Numbers:
Inside: 174 pages, 5 Sections, 51 Chapters, 18 Challenges.

Reading Time: 2 min/chapter

ROI: PRICELESS. You can’t not afford to invest in yourself. The future is manifesting with every passing second. Create what yours will look like. You deserve it.



What people are saying…
“One of the realest books I’ve ever read. Had to read it in 2 days. David has grasped concepts about the human psychology that most people on this planet are completely unaware of. His ideas about motivation and inspiration are rooted far deeper than simple surface level words of encouragement. If every person read this and followed its teachings, we’d have a lot fewer problems in the world. This book is already a classic – just a thought.” – Gio M., Tech Entrepreneur 

“Beautifully written book, easy to read and just so very enlightening. If you are ever looking to make your life better, this is the book for you. It takes you in the direction for self-reflection in a way that directs you to appreciate yourself. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for everyone to read as a guide to living the life you truly want, but that’ s just a thought. Congratulations to this talented author. I can not wait to read what’s next!” – Eileen C., Nurse 

“Great read. As a collegiate coach and as an evolving human being, there were many lessons and perspectives throughout the chapters that make you want to be better. This book aligned with many of the themes that I preach to my athletes every day. In my personal life, this book keeps me looking at things from 3000 feet and puts life into great perspective. If you need a push or need help finding a direction, pick up “Just A Thought”. You will not be disappointed.” – Fran B., Collegiate Women’s Volleyball Coach 

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